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To create a new collection, select Create New Collection under Getting Started on the Partner Home page, or from the Collections menu.  The 'new collection wizard' will walk you through the collection set up process and prompt you for the following required elements.

  • Collection name: you choose the name of the collection based on your own institution's criteria
  • Crawl frequency: how often do you want your collection archived. Your choices are: twice daily, daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly quarterly, annual, semiannual, one-time, and test. You can change individual seed frequency once the collection is set up.  Crawls last from 12 hours to 7 days depending on the frequency and settings applied.
  • Collection metadata:  you can add metadata to your collection using the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. Only the collection level description field is required to begin with, and you can always add or edit your metadata at a later time.
  • Seed list: seeds are starting point URLs where the crawler begins harvesting. Seed selection is determined by your institution (see Seed Selection page for more information).

After you enter these requirements, Archive-It checks each seed to will check up to 50 seeds at a time to be sure all sites are available on the Internet (if adding more than 50 seeds to your collection, consider adding them in batches of 50 or less) .  If any of the seeds do not resolve you will have the chance to check for spelling or other errors before the collection is ready to be crawled.  You may also be given a warning if a seed is already used in another collection.  If you're not completely sure of all the seeds you want to add to a collection, that's okay; at any time you can add  seeds to an already existing collection. Once the collection has been created you can either run a test crawl or view your collection and start a regular crawl.