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Talks, Workshops, Presentations


  • Archive-It Partner Meeting, Building Archive-It Research Services, November 18, 2014
  • ARLIS 2015: "Collaboration Beyond Crawling," Panel Presentation, Saturday, March 21.
  • ACRL 2015 Conference, "Fostering Research Use of Web Archives," Roundtable Discussion, Thursday, March 26.
  • IIPC 2015 General Assembly: "Web Archives as Research Datasets," Talk/Paper, Tuesday, April 28th.
  • RESAW: "Collaboratively Building Web Archive Research Services," Talk/Paper, June 8-10.
  • RESAW: "Elements, Graphs, and Entities: Analyzing Web Archive Datasets," workshop, June 8-10.
  • RBMS 2015:  “Building Collaborative Web Archives and Special Collections Datasets” Poster, June 23-26.
  • IFLA: "No Borders: Collaborative Approaches to Web Archiving Collecting and Access," Talk/Paper, August 17.


  • SAA 2015: "Seeding Engagement: Web Archiving Outreach Opportunities and Strategies," Panel Presentation, August 16-22.
  • iPres 2015: "Data Mining Web Archives," Workshop, November 2-6.
  • Michigan Web Archives 2015: "Data Mining Web Archives" Workshop, November 12-13.

Workshops and Tutorials


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