ARS Service Details

Archive-It Research Services (ARS) offers research datasets derived from the curated web collections created by Archive-It partners. To peruse the over 2800 web archive collections available, please visit Access to ARS datasets is offered as an add-on subscription for current Archive-It partner institutions and is also available to independent researchers and unaffiliated patrons. Subscription costs are to cover the machine, engineering, and management expenses of creating and delivering the datasets.

Ordering Details:

  • Current Archive-It partners can order ARS datasets from within the Archive-It web application by clicking on "Research Services" in the navigation of the web app. Please see the instructions on the For Archive-It Partners Service Details page.
  • Independent researchers and patrons can order ARS datasets by emailing Please see the required information on the For Independent Researchers Service Details page.

Service Details:

  • ARS datasets are available for all Archive-It collections. ARS datasets are not currently available for non Archive-It collections.
  • Like Archive-It subscriptions, ARS subscriptions are for one year.
  • Subscriptions begin on the 1st and 15th of every month and ARS datasets are generated for one year going forward from the point of subscription.
  • Generating WAT and WANE datasets from data collected prior to ARS subscription is available upon special request.
  • The service has no limit on the number of collections from which datasets can be ordered.
  • The service includes downloading functionality (see Guides to Downloading ARS datasets).
  • The service includes one year of storage in our San Francisco Bay Area data centers.

Subscription Costs:

  • ARS subscription costs are to cover the processing, engineering, and management time to generate the datasets and are thus contingent on the size of the collection from which datasets are being generated. The Archive-It team will work with you directly on determining a subscription quote.
  • Discounts are available for ordering all three datasets for a collection or a specific dataset type for multiple collections.
  • Independent researchers interested in a combined Archive-It account for web archiving that includes the creation of ARS datasets are encouraged to contact us at
  • Generating WAT and WANE datasets from data collected prior to ARS subscription can be done at an added cost.

Availability Details:

  • Once the service has been turned on, it will take approximately two weeks for WATs and WANEs to be first available for download from an Archive-It collection. Subscribers will be emailed when WATs and/or WANEs first become available. They will thereafter be generated alongside WARCs on an ongoing basis for the subscription period.
  • LGA files will take 4 weeks to first be available and are then generated quarterly. This is due to the fact the dataset is generated from a complete collection. Subscribers will be emailed when each quarterly LGA dataset is available. Monthly generation of LGA datasets is possible for an additional cost.