2.0.1 Release Notes

Release Notes - Heritrix 2.0.1 (August 2008)

Heritrix 2.0.1 is a bugfix release on the Heritrix-2 line, including other small requested or contributed features.

See Heritrix 2.0.0 Release Notes for more info on Heritrix 2.x.

The 2.0.1 release will be available at the archive-crawler Sourceforge project.

Notable Changes

Support for the 'Crawl-Delay' and 'Allow' robots.txt directives (HER-1)

Heritrix now supports two additional directives in robots.txt files that were not part of the original specification: the 'Allow' directive to permit crawling of URI path prefixes that would otherwise be prevented by shorted 'Disallow' URI path prefixes, and the 'Crawl-Delay' directive to request a crawler wait a specified number of seconds before revisiting a site.

The length of a 'Crawl-Delay' respected may be capped by a new Frontier setting, 'respect-crawl-delay-up-to-secs'. The default for this value is to respect all Crawl-Delays up to 300 seconds (5 minutes).

WARCs written as version "WARC/0.18" (HER-1525)

WARCs are now written with the declared format version "WARC/0.18". WARC/0.18 is functionally identical to WARC/0.17.

Replayed content (as for link extraction) better handles non-ISO-8859-1 single-byte encodings (HER-1506)

A bug related to ByteReplayCharSequence was causing all substrings from single-byte encoded content to be interpreted as if they were 7-bit ASCII. For extracting URIs, which usually have non-ASCII characters percent-encoded, this was likely not a serious problem, but it presented problems using ByteReplayCharSequence for other content-analysis. The related classes have been fixed and refactored.

Extraction of 'speculative' URI strings from Javascript improved (HER-1277)

When strings considered likely to be URIs are found in Javascript, those that appear to begin with hostnames or percent-encoded 'http://' will now be better handled as absolute, rather than relative, URIs.

Additional contributors

In addition to the usual suspects, this release includes contributed fixes or functionality from:

  • Olaf Freyer

All Tracked Changes

The following 35 tracked issues are recorded as addressed in this 2.0.1 release:


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