2.0.2 Release Notes

Release Notes - Heritrix 2.0.2 (November 2008)

Heritrix 2.0.2 is a bugfix release on the Heritrix-2 line.

See Heritrix 2.0.1 Release Notes and Heritrix 2.0.0 Release Notes for more info on Heritrix 2.x.

The 2.0.2 release is available at the archive-crawler Sourceforge project.

Notable Changes

WARC 'metadata' records MIME type matches spec (HER-1541)

WARC 'metadata' records are now written with the MIME type matching the format definition in the 0.18 specification, 'application/warc-fields'. (The data format is unchanged, and any 'text/anvl' content written by earlier releases may be interpreted as 'application/warc-fields' content.)

A bottleneck in StatisticsTracker.saveSourceStats has been removed (HER-1553)

If crawling with the 'source-tag-seeds' option enabled, collecting the hosts-per-source reporting information would begin to take an inordinate amount of unnecessary serialization effort several days into a crawl. The redundant work has been skipped, greatly improving performance when this option is enabled. (The option is by default off.)

All Tracked Changes

The following 7 tracked issues are recorded as addressed in this 2.0.2 release:


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