Wayback NG Software

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First public release: 0.2.0 (December 2005)

  • basic functionality for single-machine deployments
  • two 'replay' modes: archival-url (classic), proxy

Latest release: 0.4.0 (March 2006) "parity with classic"

  • single-machine index, many-machine ARC store (retrieve ranges via HTTP/1.1)
  • improved JS/doc rewriting in archival-url mode
  • basic robots enforcement: fetch from live web, respect retroactively
  • rough parity with classic WM UI for url-query, browsing
  • two new ResourceIndex options: Remote BDB, NutchWAX
  • Current limitations
    • No manual excludes
    • No live web get
    • Some diffs in URL patching
    • Index-building/updating slow without presort

Next release: 0.6.0 (May 2006?) "exceed WERA UI"

  • Manual excludes UI
  • Timeline UI, in-page info floater
  • 1-2 alternate browse modes (Proxy with time controls, or wildcard domain retrieval URLs, or browser extension)
  • Multiple collections in single installation

Releases for "Billions" collections:

Release 0.8.0 (July 2006?) "index split"

  • Multi-machine static index split
  • Deployable with 20th Century Find

Release 1.0 (by end of year) "global collection scale"

  • Basis for redeploy of global WM
  • MapReduce-based index building, incremental updates